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Joining your first walk

Anyone can join a walk - just turn up! You don't have to become a member right away, but we do ask you join the group after two or three walks. Take a look at the Walks Programme, pick a walk and come along and introduce yourself on one of the walks or if you have questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Group enjoing a lunch break

What to Bring With You on a Walk

Walking with us is fun and easy, but there are a few things you will need to bring with you for the event.

Packed lunch - most walks require you to bring along a good packed lunch as most day hikes over 5 miles will entail a lunch stop of about twenty minutes (or five minutes if it's raining hard!). If the walk has a pub or tea room stop then a full lunch shouldn't be needed, please check the individual walk details for more information.

Proper walking boots and socks - every year a few new people will turn up to longer walks in unsuitable footwear and suffer painful blisters, sore ankles or be forced to get the bus home as a result. Don't let it happen to you - appropriate footwear is a must. Outdoor stores are everywhere now and offer decent ankle boots at affordable prices, so it's easier than ever to get the proper kit on a budget for your first walk.


walking boots in a ring

Rainproofs - on any walk the weather can turn for the worse, so even if the forecast is clear most members carry a packaway jacket or rainproofs. During the winter a rainproof jacket is a must, and many members also swear by waterproof trousers or quick drying outdoor fabrics. Gore-tex and eVent fabrics are perfect if you have the budget!

Mobile phone - a mobile is a good safety device to have with you, even if reception is patchy you can always walk to high ground and try to get a signal if you get lost or separated from the group, unlikely as this is. Also if you are late for a walk you can contact the Walk Leader and ask them to wait for five or ten minutes, please be aware however that if you are very late the Walk Leader will have no choice but to start the walk.

A print out of the event details - our event start details are optimised for car Satnavs, so you can enter the walk start address, postcodes and even latitude and longitude coordinates to help you find the walk. The print out will also give you the Walk Leader name and mobile should you run into trouble on the journey there.

Friday, December 14, 2018